Put away the FLAs: DFAT’s acronym-free day for charity

WTF? DFAT staff attempted a day without acronyms for a charitable cause. But did staff cope without their TLAs? And will the rest of the APS follow suit?

APS FTEs are known for their love of acronyms, but today DFAT has undertaken to temporarily abolish their use.

Diplomats wanting to use TLAs will have to do so AYOR.

Hot on the heels of a busy few weeks with the G20, APEC, EAS and ChAFTA, Acronym Free Day offers a chance for employees at the DFAT to reflect on the number of acronyms used in their daily work and the impact this has on knowledge sharing and communication.

On AFD, staff at the department, which has offices at the WTO, EU and UN, fine one another 50 cents every time an acronym is spoken. Reportedly the ban is N/A when acronyms are used in written form, including ICT communications. Thus, the media team are technically off the hook for their tweet — and rapid mea culpa — this morning:

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