Jennifer Westacott: nine things bureaucrats can learn from business

Bureaucrats must innovate and “discard the baggage of interagency turf wars”. The Business Council of Australia chief offered lessons the public sector could learn from business.

I believe that the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s role now is more critical than ever.

If I think about the theme of this conference, “Growing National Prosperity: Government’s Role in the 21st Century”, never before has the public sector faced a more complex set of challenges. Unstoppable forces of change are challenging everything you do. The way you respond will involve some serious adjustment. You can either fall victim to that adjustment, or you can take control of it. One way to take control is to adopt an innovation mindset.

Innovation will enrich your culture and cement your intrinsic value and relevance. It will attract the best and brightest and create a compelling vision for your future.

Tonight, I want to try and help you to think about how you, as individual public servants, can contribute to building:

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