Qld public servants ‘must be patient’ in bureaucracy shake-up

Two more public service bosses walk in Queensland, new Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk demands loyalty from the rest, and there’s a call for patience to let the government make the changes it wants.

Two more public service bosses have walked in Queensland, and they’re unlikely to be the last. But a former top state bureaucrat has told The Mandarin the government deserves time and patience to make its changes.

Despite saying she wanted to avoid a “night of the long knives”, new Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (pictured) has let Health Department director-general Ian Maynard and Public Service Commission boss Andrew Chesterman go this week.

They join Premier and Cabinet director-general Jon Grayson, who left through “mutual agreement” after Palaszczuk was sworn in. Dave Stewart will replace Grayson when he finishes up at Transport for NSW next month. Kevin Yearbury is currently acting in the role.

Press reports suggest Maynard was terminated on Wednesday after meeting with the Premier. Chesterman is reportedly on leave, but Rob Setter has been made acting chief executive of the Public Service Commission.

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