“Fat cats”: NSW public sector cuts revealed

Both parties will make deep cuts to the public sector in their path to a budget surplus. Now fully costed, the parties have come clean with their approach: a returned Mike Baird government will create a new efficiency dividend across the sector, while Labor will target the senior executives, consultants, travel and legal advice.

NSW Parliamentary Budget Officer Stephen Bartos has costed, and now revealed, the efficiency dividends and cutbacks the Baird government and Labor’s Luke Foley are seeking to impose on the “fat cats” in the state’s public sector.

Under a Coalition government, the public sector would see a 1.5% cut across the board. However, Treasurer Andrew Constance said in a statement yesterday that frontline services would be exempt, sparing more cuts to police, nurses, teachers, and emergency and community workers. Instead savings in those agencies are expected to come from corporate services and other public service roles.

Under a Labor government, the public sector would see cuts to spending on consultants, travel, legal advice and advertising. It would also see the senior executive service reduced, accompanied by cuts to ministerial staff.

Foley told reporters yesterday that instead of targeting services, “we’ll take an axe to fat cats.”

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