ACT poaches Kiwi for new chief digital officer role

The ACT government’s new chief digital officer will join the growing ranks of ICT specialists whose expertise is needed at the top of government bureaucracies. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for more experts who can apply innovative thinking within the public service context.

The ACT government is bringing over New Zealander Jon Cumming to be its new chief digital officer next month, while elsewhere in Canberra, six federal agencies search for CIOs.

Cumming will report directly to the head of the territory’s public service, Kathy Leigh, and brings experience as an ICT leader both in private sector firms and the New Zealand government, where he is currently CIO at the Department of Corrections.

In an email on Friday, Leigh told public servants the new CDO would work in co-operation with the ACTPS Strategic Board on a “vision” for the future of ICT in the government, covering policy change, investment decisions and capacity building.

“As Chief Digital Officer, Jon will drive our digital agenda and lead the whole-of-government digital strategic direction to ensure that our ACT Public Service is digitally innovative, dynamic and capable in its service to the community,” said Leigh, in words echoing those of chief minister Andrew Barr.

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