Do Not Call Register contract to firm that opposed the idea

The communications regulator has awarded the contract to run the Do Not Call Register to a firm that previously opposed a similar Do Not Knock Register.

Controversy has surrounded the awarding of the contract to operate the Do Not Call Register to Salmat Digital.

The Australia Communications and Media Authority announced this week that Salmat will be responsible for operating the service, which allows Australians to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls they receive.

Under the contract, Salmat is responsible for allowing people to add their details to the Do Not Call Register, “washing” lists provided by businesses to remove numbers on the register as well as running the website and taking complaints from people who have received unsolicited telemarketing calls for analysis and action by the ACMA.

But the award of the contract to Salmat has been questioned by the Consumer Action Law Centre. Gerard Brody, chief executive of the centre, told The Mandarin‘s sister publication¬†SmartCompany he is concerned the contract has been awarded to Salmat as it has previously opposed the creation of a Do Not Knock Register.

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