Tasmania’s public sector cull: Treasurer outlines numbers

Tasmania’s government plans to cut 861 public sector jobs over the next year. The departments of State Growth, Education and Health will bear the brunt.

Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein has announced the details of where 861 full-time equivalent positions will be cut from Tasmania’s public sector over the next year.

Gutwein said in a statement to Parliament that the government will take the opportunity to “further streamline” the Department of State Growth — created from the merger of the Departments of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources and Economic Development — by cutting 174 FTE roles. This will be the largest cut relative to the size of a department, meaning State Growth will contribute 20.2% of total savings from the cuts this year.

Education will be required to find total savings equivalent to 266 FTEs this financial year of a total 8000 FTE staff. The health system — comprising the Department of Health and Human Services and the three Tasmanian Health Organisations — accounts for roughly 40% of public sector employees and must eliminate 224 FTEs.

A further 157 FTEs will be cut from other, smaller agencies.

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