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    Department of Home Affairs gets a lukewarm reception

    Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to create a new Department of Home Affairs has received a lukewarm reception from those with some expertise in the matter. The commentary ranges from the negative through the agnostic to the cautiously supportive, but there are few examples of strong and effusive praise to be found. […]


    V/Line CEO directed staff to drop probity check, IBAC hears

    Former V/Line chief executive Theo Taifalos instructed staff not to pursue background checks into the qualifications and police record of a recently-hired senior manager he had “actively recruited”, who was being paid double that of his predecessor, an ongoing anti-corruption inquiry has heard.

    Alan Clifford was employed by the Victorian government’s country rail company in the senior role of general manager rolling stock engineering without the job being advertised, without probity processes being completed, without the involvement of anyone from the human resources unit and above the pay band. […]


    Home Affairs agencies will retain statutory independence: Turnbull

    A super-ministry of Home Affairs will be formed to take over responsibility for key homeland security agencies including the Australia Federal Police, Border Force, ASIO and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the current Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton will take over the new portfolio. A new Office of National Intelligence led by a director-general of national intelligence will also be established to play a co-ordinating role for the whole Australian Intelligence Community.

    In announcing the change, Turnbull said a better structure was needed to meet the challenge of the times, and the increasingly complex security environment. […]


    SA Seminar: Building trust in the digital world

    South Australia’s new industry-leading public sector data sharing legislation clears the way for a raft of new intelligent services and policy insights. Building trust in the information and data that drive these services and policy design empowers agencies looking to build the next generation of services and products.



    Jobwatch: big opportunities in Victoria, NSW and the Commonwealth

    After a brief hiatus, Jobwatch is back with an extra-large list of senior executive opportunities in the public sector. When we looked around the jobs boards this week, it was the Commonwealth, New South Wales and Victoria that caught our eye.

    There’s opportunities for lawyers, leaders, ICT experts and more. […]

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