Looking for challenging work? Ignore the naysayers, the public sector still has it

By The Mandarin

October 26, 2018

In recent weeks, The Mandarin has shared many voices concerned about whether too much of the interesting and challenging work of government has been outsourced. In lieu of a ‘Movers & shakers’ column this week, we decided to look at what new public sector job opportunities are being created, and what they have to say about this supposed capability drain.

Whether you’re an experienced deputy secretary or just breaking into the public sector’s executive levels, there are plenty of meaty opportunities in public policy and service delivery that no sane public servant could look at and think: ‘Well, that’s probably going to be a walk in the park that can be fobbed off to a consultant’.

Could you drive continuous improvement to transport networks?

Trains matter to people. Like, really matter. Public transport also has an astonishing impact on state economies. Running efficient rail services that meet and exceed customer expectations is something that ought to earn you an AO in a fair world, or at the very least a public service medal.

So can you do it? Sydney Trains is looking for a Network Performance Improvement Manager who can drive a customer-centric approach to decision-making and continuous improvement in network operational performance.

It’s a newly created position that will lead a team that are responsible for the development of reliability improvement plans across maintenance, operations, customer service, and crewing. Remember, effectiveness is all about the customer impact.

But if  you would prefer to live in Melbourne… we won’t judge. There are plenty of opportunities that offer challenge in Victorian public sector work, like taking on strategic engagement for VicRoads.

Roads touch everyone’s lives, every day. They help people get to work, to family gatherings, to school graduations and holidays. They are vital to the movement of freight that keeps Victoria’s economy thriving. They play a key role in jobs growth, productivity, economic development, community connectedness and they should make lives easier.

Another newly created position is Chief, Transport Operations in Transport for Victoria, that will undertake the function of a city controller. The role will keep the movement of people and goods flowing in a 24/7 global city during the delivery of over $40 billion of transport projects and upgrades throughout Victoria.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads is looking for an Executive Director (Business), who will lead and manage the Business Section to deliver government priorities along with excellence in client service delivery.

Or perhaps you prefer your transport water-bound? You could be General Manager of Maritime Safety Queensland. As the principal maritime regulator for Queensland your decisions will have an immediate impact on shipping, state owned ports, trade and ultimately the economy.

Interested in being part of the data reform agenda?

If program management within an agile delivery environment is what you’re looking for, and you’re proficient in translating the technical for a non-technical audience, then the Victorian Centre for Data Insights (VCDI) might have the challenge for you.

VCDI, which sits inside the Department of Premier and Cabinet, is looking for a program director with strong conceptual and program management skills, as well as an ability to influence through timely and professional advice in a complex environment.

For public servants looking to cement a legacy, this is an area rich with issues that will matter to generations to come.

Protecting your community

Since we mentioned women in national security last week, there are several vacancies in that challenging area of government.

Newly advertised today is Defence’s Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence — shaping Defence strategy, Australia’s international Defence relationships and advise the Australian Government, the Secretary of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Force on the political-military aspects of Australia’s military operations.

Elsewhere in national security, the Australian Signals Directorate has policy, operations, legal and technologist roles open. Anyone looking to work in these roles needs to out-think and out-imagine some of the most testing adversaries and problems imaginable.

A compelling offering for public sector executive recruitment

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The Movers & shakers column will return next week.

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