Keeping track of ICAC operations on the public sector in NSW

Independent Commission Against Corruption, New South Wales

The New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption only discloses current investigations activity where it feels disclosure is in the public interest. For example, the ICAC may determine that it is in the public interest to hold a public inquiry as part of an investigation.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the ICAC’s operations and their key findings.

Operation Artek

A NSW Department of Justice asset manager, and, later, a senior manager at Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW), engaged in corrupt conduct by receiving payments and other benefits from a contractor and his wife.

The relevant projects were minor capital works and maintenance projects at NSW prisons run by CSNSW. The projects were managed by Asset Management Services, a specialist team of asset managers under the Department of Justice responsible for all asset works across the cluster.

Final report published in 2017.

Operation Avoca

An applicant for a position offered a payment to secure employment at Woollahra Municipal Council.

Final report published in 2010.

Operation Cabot

The misuse of position as a member of Parliament to benefit their family’s financial interests by improperly influencing a former chief executive of the NSW Department of Water and Energy in the discharge of their public official duties.

Final report completed in 2014, but currently unavailable.

Operation Churchill

A Willoughby City Council employee corruptly exercised his official functions in favour of various business owners within the council area in return for financial and other benefits.

Final report published in 2011.

Operation Credo

The main allegations investigated were that:

  • Australian Water Holdings (AWH), a supplier of infrastructure services to Sydney Water Corporation (SWC), corruptly overcharged for services and failed to provide accurate and complete information necessary for SWC to manage its contract
  • a member of Parliament had an undisclosed family financial interest in AWH and misused their position to advance that interest
  • two other MPs and a ministerial staffer created a false/misleading Cabinet minute that favoured the interests of AWH.

Final report published in 2017.

Operation Cyrus

Lobbying by an MP in relation to the management of retail leases at Circular Quay without declaring relevant conflicts of interest.

Final report completed in 2014, but currently unavailable.

Operations Jasper and Acacia

Members of Parliament and certain other individuals engaged in corruption associated with the granting of coal exploration licences.

Final report published in 2013.

Operation Misto

An IT manager at various universities caused, or attempted to cause, the payment of false invoices to an IT consultancy company that did not work for the universities.

Final report published in 2015.

Operation Nickel

A heavy vehicle competency assessor accredited by Roads and Maritime Services had falsely certified people as competent to drive heavy vehicles in return for payments.

Final report published in 2014.

Operation Scania

A Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RIDS) officer corruptly received benefits to ignore illegal dumping and illegal landfill activities and misrepresented to interested parties that, for a benefit, he could assist with development applications being processed through local council.

Final report published in 2017.

Operation Siren

Various Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) inspectors sought corrupt payments or rewards from contractors in relation to the performance of their SWC duties.

The Commission also investigated an allegation that then SWC property asset manager engaged in corrupt conduct in dealings with a certain individual and associated companies.

Final report published in 2011.

Operation Sonet

An acting manager of ICT services at the South Western Sydney Institute (SWSI) engaged in corrupt conduct by:

  • ensuring SWSI engaged a contractor in return for a personal benefit
  • ordering goods on behalf of SWSI from a business that he owned and operated without declaring a conflict of interest
  • supplying false and misleading documentation to SWSI to conceal the fact that he was ordering goods from a business that he owned and operated
  • falsely certifying that goods and services had been received by SWSI.

Final report published in 2016.

Operation Spector

A senior RailCorp manager corruptly solicited and received approximately $1.6 million from various RailCorp contractors and employees.

The sister of the senior RailCorp manager, an employee of Housing NSW, corruptly solicited and received approximately $180,000 from other Housing NSW employees.

Final report published in 2014.

Operation Spicer

During the lead up to the 2011 NSW state election, certain NSW Liberal Party candidates and others solicited and received political donations that were not declared as required by the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981.

The Commission also examined whether members or associates of the NSW Liberal Party used, or attempted to use, a foundation as a means of disguising the true identity of donors and evading the prohibition on receiving political donations from property developers.

The Commission also examined whether certain members of Parliament used, or attempted to use, their power and influence to improperly benefit a company in respect of a proposed development of a coal terminal at the Port of Newcastle.

Final report published in 2016.

Operation Tarlo

The CEO of an NGO:

  • falsely claimed qualifications
  • used public funds for personal expenditure
  • falsified reports exaggerating the numbers of clients attending, and the numbers and variety of groups that the service provided.

Final report published in 2018.

Operation Tilga

Partiality in the process relating to the supply of security services to several NSW public authorities.

Final report published in 2013.

Operation Tunic

Partiality in the awarding of contracts for remedial work to homes damaged by mining subsidence in the Picton region. The corrupt conduct concerned claims for remedial work, assessed and managed by the district manager of the Mine Subsidence Board’s Picton office, in return for financial benefits.

Final report published in 2016.

Operation Yancey

Partiality in the awarding of contracts related to projects mostly for construction and/or project management in relation to the upgrade of courthouses.

Final report published in 2016.

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