ClauseBank: consultation on new additions to procurement contract copy-and-paste list

By Stephen Easton

Wednesday December 12, 2018

The Department of Finance is asking for feedback on a new round of standard clauses for procurement contracts, to be added to its relatively new ClauseBank resource.

ClauseBank was introduced a few months ago with an initial set of 12 standard clauses to promote consistency in Commonwealth contracts.

Now Finance has proposed 22 more and opened them for public consultation until close of business on December 21.

The idea builds on the existing Commonwealth Contracting Suite that has a similar aim of uniform language and is mandatory when drafting contracts under $200,000 and optional for those up to $1 million. But ClauseBank is designed for use in bigger deals when the CCS is not employed, explains a blog post from Nicholas Hunt, the first assistant secretary running the project.

“The pre-drafted clauses will help to develop a new contract from a template or from scratch,” says Hunt. “Remember, keeping language in contracts clear helps all people involved.”

As well as feedback on the next additions to ClauseBank, which will be finalised early next year, he is also keen to hear any suggestions for future additions.

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