IBAC charges government official over alleged procurement theft and deception

Victoria’s anti-corruption body, IBAC, has revealed an investigation, known as Operation Topi, into allegations that improper procurement practices at Frankston City Council were used obtain property by deception.

A former manager at the council has been accused of misconduct in public office among 79 charges laid by IBAC today, as well as obtaining property by deception, making false documents and using false documents. It also charged a supplier of services to the council with similar offences.

The official is scheduled to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 30.

This investigation commenced after IBAC received a notification from Frankston City Council. Under mandatory notification requirements that came into effect in 2016, all heads of Victorian public sector departments and agencies, including council CEOs, must by law notify IBAC of any matter they suspect, on reasonable grounds, involves corrupt conduct.

To report public sector corruption or police misconduct, visit www.ibac.vic.gov.au/report or call 1300 735 135.

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