Streamlined registration and administration on the way

By The Mandarin

Wednesday January 16, 2019

Public servants seized control of the domain name administration system last February and are working on making it “simple, fast and clear” for users over coming months.

Another of the Digital Transformation Agency’s projects for this year, the upgrade involves a surprisingly comprehensive service design process for what seems like a pretty simple task, at least at face value.

The DTA team working on the new system reports on what it has learned so far through early user research on the agency blog, and sets out the plan to roll out a prototype registration system later this year.

They say it needs secure, personalised access, a more intelligent interface, a simpler payment system that suits departmental accounting procedures, and the option to choose domain name server management by the DTA, or make another arrangement.

Issues they have identified in the current system include too many manual processes, too many people involved in approvals, and multiple channels that aren’t integrated.



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