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eBook: Don’t trust your gut: How data can revolutionise your business

Sponsored by SAS

Data analytics are not the sole remit of the IT department, nor should it be a be a back-room function that simply ticks a box.

Used correctly, data analytics could revolutionise your business.

It is through data that you can learn about your customers, your product, your platforms. And, while all that data may look overwhelming, it’s something anyone can do.

Find out how in Don’t trust your gut: How data can revolutionise your business.


SAS, the global leader in analytics, enables government departments to take decisive action based on their data and insights to enhance service delivery to citizens, without compromising data privacy and security. With the multi-lingual open and cloud-ready platform, SAS provides the ability to deploy analytics solutions to the cloud and integrate with Open Source technologies such as R and Python in a unified and governed environment. Recognised by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science & Machine Learning Platforms in all seven years of its existence, as well as Forrester's Customer Analytics Technologies Wave, many local, State and Commonwealth government agencies choose to leverage SAS on their digital transformation journeys.