VicRoads and PTV to be rolled into Transport Department

By David Donaldson

Thursday April 4, 2019

Victoria’s new Department of Transport will absorb two major agencies to further integrate the state’s transport system, Secretary Paul Younis announced on Thursday.

The changes will bring the functions “even closer together as one team” by “drawing together” DoT, VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria to create a new Department of Transport, he said.

“In recent years, we’ve made progress towards greater integration,” Younis explained in an all-staff email.

“The Roads Traffic Management Centre providing priority to trams and buses during disruptions; the consolidation of roads and public transport works periods to minimise the impacts on people; the establishment of cross-agency working groups to align our customer messaging and engagement on key projects.

“We have all been delivering better outcomes for people by combining our efforts and expertise.”

The changes will further that integration process.

Younis announced the following:

  • Operational, customer and contract management functions, services and roles that are currently delivered by PTV and VicRoads will be consolidated into a new division of DoT. This includes bringing together staff from PTV and VicRoads to DoT.
  • Corporate functions will come together as one, providing coordinated support for all of DoT.
  • Further consolidation of policy, planning and development activities to enhance the ability to design and plan the best possible transport network.
  • A transport branding strategy to be completed by the end of June, which will advise on the best way to consolidate Transport’s brands.
  • Creation of new capabilities, for example in relation to emerging technologies, user experience and commercial expertise, to keep up with changing travel trends.

The Major Transport Infrastructure Authority will not be impacted.

“We continue to separately plan for the transition of customer-facing and identity management functions of the VicRoads registration and licensing division. A date has not been finalised for this transition,” Younis said.

“I recognise that these are significant changes to the way we currently operate; however, the challenge of keeping our state moving has also changed significantly and we must respond.”

The secretary said he will hold an all-staff information session later in the day.

“Your ideas and expertise on how we come together as one integrated transport department will be crucial to this transition. I will keep you informed and there will be many opportunities to contribute your ideas over the coming weeks and months,” he said.

“I also encourage you to continue conversations with your managers, peers and colleagues. It’s the diversity of our experience that will transform the way we deliver transport in Victoria, and in doing so, provide better outcomes for people for years to come.”

The different organisations currently operate under different enterprise agreements, with different pay rates. Younis’ email did not broach the subject of jobs or pay.

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