Victorian budget delayed over federal election uncertainty

By David Donaldson

Friday April 12, 2019

The Victorian government has decided to postpone the release of the state budget by almost a month, pending the outcome of the federal election.

In a move that will make life complicated for Treasury officials, the budget date has been shifted from Tuesday 30 April to Monday 27 May.

The government said the change was “due to the stark difference being offered to our state by federal Labor and the federal Liberals and Nationals”.

“Until we know who we will be dealing with in Canberra, it would be irresponsible to finalise our budget at this time,” they said in a press release.

And it’s not difficult to guess which side the state Labor government is gunning for.

“Only one side is currently putting forward a real partnership with Victoria,” said the statement.

“Federal Labor is promising to partner with our state to roll out 3-year old kinder, put more funding into our schools and hospitals, build the Suburban Rail Loop and properly fund the NDIS.

“In stark contrast, the Liberals are short-changing Victoria when it comes to infrastructure, clawing back money from our hospitals, not funding our schools fairly and hoarding money from the NDIS to prop up their bottom line.”

The parliament will still sit as scheduled on 30 April.

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