Public servants urged to stand up against corruption

By Shannon Jenkins

June 4, 2019

Source: Getty Images

Do you know what to do if you encounter corruption?

If the answer is no, then you’re not alone.

Research from the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) reveals that most Victorians don’t know how to deal with corruption if they experience it, and fear victimisation if they report it.

But the IBAC wants to tackle this, says the agency’s CEO Alistair Maclean.

The anti-corruption watchdog recognises that speaking up against corruption can be difficult, but says “Victorians are the ones who lose out” when it is not reported.

“IBAC is reliant on information from the community to help stop corruption. Corruption is by its nature secretive and often difficult to detect, and most of our investigations started as a result of well-informed tip-offs,” Maclean says.

“There are a number of options available when reporting corruption such as whether to make your complaint anonymous.”

IBAC has launched a campaign urging public servants to stand up against corruption. 

The Yes, it’s corruption. Yes, I can do something about it campaign encourages Victorians to play their part in preventing public sector corruption. 

The campaign will run across various media platforms until the end of June.

It follows IBAC investigations into serious corrupt conduct in state government departments and agencies, and local councils, including more than 6200 allegations of suspected public sector corruption and police misconduct in 2017/18. 

Corruption in the public sector “is not a victimless crime”, Maclean says. 

“It wastes taxes and rates that should be used to operate and maintain Victoria’s schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects. And it damages the reputation of organisations and undermines the community’s confidence in the public sector.”

To report public sector corruption, visit or call 1300 735 135.

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