Your top 7 editors’ picks: May

By Shannon Jenkins

Tuesday June 11, 2019

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Our editors round up their favourite articles to send to you every morning in the daily Juice.

But which of the picks got your click?

See below for the seven most popular editors’ picks from May.

1. Here’s how Google knows in less than 5 minutes if someone is a great leader By Jeff Haden

“But since leadership is more art than science, how can you objectively determine if someone is a great leader?”

Your most-read editors’ pick last month answered this question. Hint: it’s not knowledge or experience.

2.  10 things only people with high-functioning anxiety will understand By Krissy Brady

Judging by how many of you clicked on this article, I’m going to take a stab and suggest that a large number of the Mandarin’s audience are hard workers, but struggle to take the time to look after their mental health.

3.  Federal election 2019: Has Paul Keating’s ‘nutters’ outburst saved Home Affairs boss Mike Pezzullo? By Andrew Greene

It’s hard to believe that only last month we were speculating who might inherit the Home Affairs portfolio “under a future Labor government”. Pezzullo seems to be doing just fine, despite (or in spite of) Keating’s colourful words.

4.  3 simple reasons why follow your passion is terrible advice By Matt McGregor

We all know someone who likes to throw around an inspirational mantra or two. Sometimes all it takes to get that much-needed burst of motivation is a hearty quote. But can taking those little pops of positivity too seriously have a negative impact?

5.  Worker fired for refusing to use fingerprint sign-in wins appeal due to breached Privacy Act By Matthew Elmas

This Editors’ pick from our friends over at SmartCompany highlights the “potentially far-reaching implications for employers using biometric scanning in their workplaces”. Cases like this and the debate around personal data will likely become more common as finger and retinal scanning technology grow in popularity.

6.  My LinkedIn post on Jeff Bezos paying employees $10,000 to quit went viral. Here’s what it shows about our biases By Robert Glazer

Many of us unconsciously seek to confirm our own biases, but it could be holding us back. Can you identify yours?

7.  How to write a winning elevator pitch by Naomi Brooker

This article breaks down the art of the elevator pitch. If you haven’t had the chance to pitch your business since last reading this article, there’s no harm in refreshing your memory. Becoming an industry leader has never seemed so simple.


Did these articles interest you? Let us know what you’d like to read this month in the daily Juice.

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