The secret (sex) lives of public servants: and the survey says …

By Harley Dennett

Thursday July 24, 2014

Public service managers be warned: your staff are almost twice as likely to have had sex with a co-worker than the general population.

An Australian survey commissioned by a dating website has revealed that government employees have many more peccadillos than one might imagine based on the sedate image projected by most.

Managing the fallout from the 46% of APS workers who have hooked up with a colleague could mean dealing with harassment or inappropriate workplace conduct.

Those that haven’t actually managed to score at work are thinking about it. Public servants are 20% more likely than the average Australian to have fantasised about having sex with a co-worker. More than three quarters of men surveyed in the public service admitted to doing so, while only 57% of APS women will own up to a wandering eye at work.

IT directorates will probably already be aware how many public servants enjoy pornography despite internet filters. Government workers are more likely to confess their porn viewing than other professions, which may make managing problem offenders an easier conversation.

The most popular fetish for female government workers is BDSM, while for the men’s preference was sex with a stranger.

Unfortunately for some, government was considered one of the least sexy professions by the Australians surveyed.

The survey results were published as The Great Australian Sex Census, conducted by dating website Red Hot Pie.

Last October, the High Court upheld a decision to reject a compensation bid by a public servant who was injured amid “vigorous” sex during a work trip. Comcare had been attempting to stop the tide of rising compensation claims for mental and physical harm suffered due to personal choices at work.

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