The secret (sex) lives of public servants: and the survey says …

Government employees have been hiding bedroom secrets that are spilling into the workplace. But they’re still among the most unsexiest professionals.

Public service managers be warned: your staff are almost twice as likely to have had sex with a co-worker than the general population.

An Australian survey commissioned by a dating website has revealed that government employees have many more peccadillos than one might imagine based on the sedate image projected by most.

Managing the fallout from the 46% of APS workers who have hooked up with a colleague could mean dealing with harassment or inappropriate workplace conduct.

Those that haven’t actually managed to score at work are thinking about it. Public servants are 20% more likely than the average Australian to have fantasised about having sex with a co-worker. More than three quarters of men surveyed in the public service admitted to doing so, while only 57% of APS women will own up to a wandering eye at work.

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