Announcing an ambitious new addition to The Mandarin

By Zoe Dattner

Monday June 24, 2019

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You may notice some things have changed around The Mandarin today. The site has had a refresh and we’ve tidied up the living room. But that’s not all you’ll notice.

Today we launch Mandarin Premium – a new level of content for government executives that goes far beyond our current remit to report the news of the public sector.

In September last year, we conducted extensive research into our audience, to better understand the professional needs of readers and how we might help them be better public sector executives. We asked: what are the biggest challenges in your roles and where do you critically need more information and support?

The result of that research is Mandarin Premium. Its relentless focus will be on the practice of public administration in Australia: implementing policy, the art of service delivery, managing people, user behaviour, testing and measuring new ideas, satisfying stakeholders (including the politicians), the strategies and tactics at the heart of effective leadership and life at the coalface.

Along with our staff journalists, we’ll deliver this content through the eyes of seasoned practitioners and experts and through a constant feed of real-world case studies.

Starting today, and for the next four weeks, you will be able to access Mandarin Premium absolutely free. After that, we’ll invite you to become a regular subscriber.

Until then, please have a look around and let us know what you think. Subscribers to our free newsletter, the Juice, will receive daily updates showcasing what’s new in Premium, along with the usual daily dose of must-read news and insights The Mandarin has been providing since 2014.

We hope you’ll enjoy The Mandarin’s new offering and find it valuable. More than that though, we hope Mandarin Premium will materially improve your professional life and contribute, in some small way, to enhancing the efficacy of Australia’s public sector at large.

Sales ends Sunday. Join for only $5 a week for a limited time*.

A year ago, after listening to the views of hundreds of Mandarin readers, we launched Mandarin Premium

Our readers told us they had an appetite for another layer of Mandarin journalism that went well beyond the news – to analyse the nuts and bolts of managing and implementing government policy. 

Put simply, our readers wanted something that understood their jobs and would help with it. 

And that’s exactly what Mandarin Premium is and does.

We need your support. 

For a limited time, sign up to Mandarin Premium for a year at only $5 a week. That’s just $260 a year, and a saving of $180.

Join today by using promo code 5AWEEK at checkout.

Chris Johnson
Managing Editor

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