Cloud software frees caseworkers to go mobile

Community service caseworkers in NSW at should find working remotely much easier in future and they’ll always get the latest version of their email software, now that it’s up in the cloud.

The New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services’ email software will now be provided as a cloud-based service by Fujitsu, which announced it had won the contract last Friday. The rollout is expected to be completed some time in September.

Albert Olley. Photo: IPAA NSW.

Albert Olley. Photo: IPAA NSW.

Frontline staff will now have access to email and calendars on their mobile devices, according to Albert Olley, chief executive of NSW Businesslink, the state-owned company that facilitated the deal. “This means that they can spend more time helping people who are desperately in need of their services,” Olley said.

FACS mailboxes will leap forward a decade from Microsoft’s Exchange 2003 software to the 2013 version, hosted in Fujitsu’s Australian data centres. Under the “evergreen” software-as-a-service agreement, they will always have the latest version.

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