SMEs awarded $500 million through digital procurement platform

By Shannon Jenkins

Friday July 12, 2019

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

More than $500 million in digital services contracts have been awarded through the Digital Marketplace, according to the Australian Government.

This reaches a “significant milestone” as part of the government’s ICT procurement transformation efforts.

Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert says the Digital Marketplace — a platform that allows businesses to access government contracts — is one of the most successful examples of digital transformation and drives innovation.

“To date, more than 1,800 opportunities have led to more than $500 million worth of contracts being awarded through the Digital Marketplace, providing a significant boost in opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs),” he says.

The platform offers a user-centred approach and simplifies contracting arrangements, according to Robert. 

“ICT procurement transformation has made government open-for-business, encouraged competition, increased participation from SMEs and reduced the time it takes to source — to the benefit of government, industry and the taxpayer,” he said.

He notes there are more than 280 entities using Digital Marketplace, and more than 1,400 approved suppliers.

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ThinkPlace — a global strategic design consultancy — is one business that has benefitted from the platform’s “simplified procurement process”.

Digital Marketplace enabled them to successfully obtain a contract from the Fair Work Ombudsman. Together, they conducted a research and co-design process to develop new concepts to support managers.

ThinkPlace Chief Digital Officer Darren Menachemson says the platform alleviated challenges that often come with procurement processes.

“Across the procurement landscape, previously we have seen settings that make it difficult for government buyers and sellers like us to connect with each other and to efficiently partner with,” he said.

“[Digital Marketplace] created the space for us to understand the problem and design a project that would take an explorative approach towards a solution that would be successful and supported by all parties as meaningful and impactful.”



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