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eBook: Psychometric assessments delivered with government needs in mind

Sponsored by Revelian

Government HR needs are changing

Stay ahead of the game.

As your recruitment needs change, Revelian changes with you.

That’s why we’ve thoughtfully designed a resource suite filled with best practice strategies to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • Best practice assessment and selection for government whitepaper
  • Improving diversity: reducing unconscious bias when hiring whitepaper
  • Enhancing the candidate experience whitepaper


Revelian provides leading-edge psychometric testing and skills assessment tools to facilitate great recruitment outcomes for its clients. This suite of recruitment and development assessments encompass aptitude, culture fit, personality, emotional intelligence, skills, resilience, role fit, engagement, behaviour and propensity for risk. Revelian has unique, data-driven insight into human behaviour at work that it shares with its clients giving them a powerful understanding to make effective people decisions.