AHRC calls on Australian Muslims to complete survey that might help inform the delivery of public services to their communities

By Shannon Jenkins

August 6, 2019

Source: The Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting a national survey as part of a wider project to share the stories of Australian Muslims.

The initiative was announced by Race Discrimination Commissioner Chin Tan, after the Christchurch attack. It aims to hear, record and share the experiences of Australian Muslims and identify their challenges, priorities and aspirations.

The online survey hopes to build national intelligence on Islamophobia, race hate and discrimination, as well as data about community strengths, priorities and concerns. Such data could inform the delivery of public services specifically tailored for Australian Muslim communities. The AHRC also seeks suggestions about how communities can be supported through the survey.

The 15-minute questionnaire covers topics like connection and identity, experiences of discrimination, hate and Islamophobia, and the Christchurch tragedy.

It is anonymous and confidential, and is available in Arabic, Dari, English and Urdu. It will remain open until 26 August.

The AHRC encourages Australian Muslims to take the survey and to share it with colleagues, families, friends and communities. 

More information about the project can be found on the AHRC’s website.

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