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eBook: Keeping risk under control

Sponsored by Noetic Group

Since Scott Morrison recently shared his goal of “congestion busting in bureaucracy”, managing risk has been front of mind for public servants across Australia. Looking at previous government attempts to accelerate reform and delivery, we recall failed major projects, policy that has unexpected implications, and infrastructure that doesn’t work.

So what are you going to do to manage your risks while the clock is ticking and the expectations are high? This detailed ebook by Noetic Group focuses on the Critical Control Approach to risk management, and looks at what doesn’t work with common methodologies and provide insights into ways to improve.

This ebook is presented by Noetic Group, an Australian owned consulting firm with a wide portfolio of successful projects across government and the private sector.


Noetic is an Australian owned consulting firm focused on delivering positive outcomes. We help advance governments, organisations and communities through innovative sustainable solutions that empower citizens and strengthen society. With deep local knowledge and global expertise, our team find better ways to help our clients be their best.