Showdown at Human Services: protest action still being considered

Human Services says looming industrial action won’t cause major disruption, despite warnings from the government. The union says there’ll be minimal collateral damage.

Following the conclusion of a protected action ballot, about 15,000 members of the Community and Public Sector Union at the Department of Human Services now have nine ways to pressure their employer for a better deal.

Those who made their views known in the massive electronic ballot agreed to all possible options. Averaged across the nine questions, 95% of votes fell in the “yes” column.

A CPSU spokesperson told The Mandarin the first action could be expected within the next month. What form it will take is to be announced “shortly”.

Taking industrial action in the public sector is always a tricky game, requiring workers to be creative in how they agitate for a better deal to minimise the impact on the community. In this case, the union believes they have struck the right balance.

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