Turnbull confirms broadcaster cuts, urges management change

The federal government has confirmed cuts to the ABC and SBS, with the Communications Minister recommending management changes at the broadcasters.

Malcolm Turnbull will urge the ABC board to strip managing director Mark Scott of his self-imposed role as “editor-in-chief”, as he announced the budget cuts to both public broadcasters.

The Communications Minister confirmed the ABC budget will be slashed by $254 million over the next four years — or 2.6% of its $5.5 billion budget — while SBS will lose $25.2 million (1.7%) over the period.

Total savings to the budget — including the 1% “downpayment” already applied to the ABC — will amount to $308 million over the five years.

This figure includes additional advertising revenue from SBS — the government expects it will generate another $28.5 million over the period by allowing it to run more ads across the day, in a legislative change that will go before Parliament amid strong opposition from commercial networks.

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