Interactive website launched for comparing NSW’s councils

By Shannon Jenkins

Thursday September 26, 2019

Source: Getty Images

The NSW government has launched a website that allows individuals to explore and compare the state’s 128 local councils.

Ratepayers can find out information, including which services their council is spending money on, the demographics of their councillors, as well as the number of code of conduct complaints.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said the Your Council website would showcase the work of the councils in a way that “clearly demonstrates the sheer size and scale of our local government sector”.

“Not only can residents learn about the work of our state’s councils as a whole, they can also drill down and find out more about their local council and how it is serving their community,” she said.

Similar to other state’s websites, the site can be used as a tool for locals to view statistics on the operations of their council and the profile of their community.

Victoria launched an interactive website displaying its councils in 2015, offering data-focused features so that residents could compare statistics, and it didn’t take long for Western Australia to follow suit.

The NSW website draws on data collected by the Office of Local Government from NSW councils and other agencies, and will be updated annually as new data becomes available. The office plans to work with councils to further develop the website, and will help develop a new Performance Measurement Framework with consistent benchmarks for all NSW councils.

“The data for each council is also benchmarked against the average for similar councils so ratepayers can compare how their council is travelling,” Hancock added.

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