Consultation open on Tasmania’s first digital transformation plan

By Shannon Jenkins

Thursday October 3, 2019

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The Tasmanian government has invited feedback on its first digital transformation strategy.

The strategy draft package targets three priority areas: community, economy, and government.

It will be supported by several key initiatives, and will be accompanied by a new cloud policy that reflects global advancements in cloud computing best-practice. The policy will ensure the integrity and security of government and citizen data, according to the Minister for Science and Technology, Michael Ferguson.

“Our goal is to develop stronger foundations so that, in the future, more Tasmanians will be able to access and use ‘anytime, anywhere’ digital services and information. For the government, that does not mean taking away our existing service options, such as face-to-face or phone access, it simply means developing an improved range of seamless services that offer more choice, greater convenience and flexibility,” he wrote in the draft paper.

Securely-managed information systems that can support connected public services and skilled staff who are able to incorporate new digital approaches and support contemporary technology systems are among the government objectives outlined in the draft paper.

But all sectors must work together for the state’s digital future to be a success, Ferguson noted.

“In the years and decades to come, Tasmania, like all jurisdictions, will continue to face social, environmental and economic challenges,” he said.

“The work we do now will help us to meet these challenges. Together, we can leverage the increasingly digital environment in which we all live and work, to achieve our personal best, improve the health and welfare of families and communities, and develop new skills and capabilities for our children, our businesses and our future.”

Consultation is open until 20 November.

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