Vic Auditor-General ‘breached role’ in lobbying for powers

EXCLUSIVE: Did Victoria’s Auditor-General act inappropriately by engaging in politics before an election? Some also doubt whether the expanded powers he is arguing for are needed.

The Victorian Auditor-General is continuing an election-eve campaign for greater powers to “follow-the-dollar”, dismissing accusations the office inappropriately injected itself into the state election.

The CEO of the Victorian Auditor-General’s office says “failure to highlight major deficiencies in the act which actually prevent him fulfilling that role would be a dereliction of that role”. But one former senior public servant has told The Mandarin John Doyle has committed “a fundamental breach of his role as an officer of the Parliament” and should consider resignation.

John Doyle

John Doyle

Doyle joined with three former auditors-general in penning an opinion piece for The Sunday Age urging whoever is in power after Saturday’s election to give his office “follow-the-dollar powers, to allow auditing of all activities funded by Parliament”. Notably, this would include being able to audit private companies contracted under public-private partnership arrangements, currently worth about $17.7 billion in capital costs.

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