E-learning modules help Commonwealth meet digital deadlines

Can the Commonwealth public service meet its ambitious “digital transition” and “digital continuity” deadlines? Some agencies had better get their skates on, says auditor-general Ian McPhee.

Two new e-learning modules were launched this morning by the National Archives of Australia to help the federal public service switch to digital records management for next year and meet the ambitious 2020 deadline of the Digital Continuity Policy.

About 85% of federal agencies are confident of meeting the deadline for the 2015 digital transition, according to Archives director-general David Fricker, whose team is working with the remainder to get as many as possible over the line by January 1. “I’m quite optimistic on that front,” he said.

The new e-learning modules cover legal requirements for digital record keeping, and making good decisions about what to keep and what to delete. To access them public servants need to send an email to agencytraining@naa.gov.au with the subject line “launch” to receive a unique log-in.

Speaking after Fricker, auditor-general Ian McPhee said they were designed to help all people working the public service, including contractors, and he had found looking at them “very helpful”.

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