Net use guide: ACMA’s four tools for ‘cybersmart digital citizens’

By The Mandarin

Monday July 28, 2014

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released a Cybersmart Digital Citizens Guide to complement its Cybersmart website.

The five-page brochure lists four examples of government cybersafety projects, such as a short film produced by ACMA and the big red cybersafety button created by the department formerly known as Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (now the Department of Communications).

Like the website, the guide is based around ACMA’s three principles of being a responsible digital citizen: to engage positively online, to know about the technology, and to choose wisely when it comes to things like personal information, electronic transactions, privacy settings and digital security.

ACMA says cybersmart digital citizenship is about confident and positive engagement with digital technology:

“A Cybersmart digital citizen is a person with the skills and knowledge to effectively use digital technologies to participate in society, to communicate with others, and to create and consume digital content.

“The Cybersmart Digital Citizens Guide promotes positive engagement with the online world. Through the three principles of ENGAGE, KNOW and CHOOSE, the Guide provides an umbrella for resources that support online safety, security and digital citizenship.”

The Abbott government has put $10 million into its Enhancing Online Safety for Children policy. It breaks down as $7.5 million to assist schools in accessing accredited online safety programs and $2.4 million to fund the Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner, with the remaining $100,000 to support Australian research and information campaigns on online safety.

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