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eBook: Building bridges, not battlefields: a guide to effective negotiation

Sponsored by Kiah Consulting

Is there a silver bullet to effective negotiation? Is there a way to win every time? Well, no. In many negotiations, the essence of getting what you want lies in finding out what the other party wants from the process.

Indeed, we need to understand the other party’s interests to discover what value may be hidden in the deal and address the other party’s interests in order to further our own. If we are clever, we can make sure that they understand that the best way to further their interest is to address ours.

Take a deep dive into the strategies and tactics that work, and how they apply for those working in or with the public sector in this free ebook by KIAH. Topics covered include building bridges, multidimensional deal making, good strategy, alignment, engagement and specific public-private sector challenges.


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