WA state of the service: declining workforce, but strong indicators

More redundancies will come in the Western Australian public sector, but the commissioner is happy with job satisfaction and the work that has gone into leadership development.

As the Western Australian bureaucracy prepares to shed another 1500 jobs, figures in a new report reveal the public sector workforce declined by 1.4% over the 12 months to June.

The State of the WA Public Sector report says a year that saw 1000 voluntary redundancies marked the largest decline of any state aside from Queensland and Victoria. But WA leads the country in female participation, the report shows, though it also has the oldest public sector workforce in Australia.

A worsening budget prompted the state government to apply another 1% efficiency dividend to government operations last month. Public sector commissioner Mal Wauchope announced details of a “targeted voluntary separation offer” last week for the 1500 workers “surplus to requirements”.

In his overview of the service, Wauchope says despite fiscal restraint the public sector has “much to be proud of”. The report focuses on benchmarking WA against other jurisdictions, a comparison Wauchope says shows the state in a good light:

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