Want to be the DTA’s next chief strategy officer?

By Shannon Jenkins

Wednesday February 5, 2020

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The Digital Transformation Agency is on the hunt for a new chief strategy officer following the departure of Anthony Vlasic.

This week Vlasic announced he would be leaving the agency to take on the role of partner and associate director at Boston Consulting Group, where he worked more than a decade ago.

“After two fantastic years driving the Australian Govt’s digital agenda, I am excited to accept a new role at the Boston Consulting Group,” he wrote on LinkedIn.

“I am proud of my team’s achievements and the way in which we achieved it — whether it’s setting strategic direction, delivering sourcing reform or uplifting capability.”

He listed various achievements the DTA have made over the last two years, including delivering the government’s first Digital Transformation Strategy and roadmap, turning the Digital Marketplace into a “thriving platform”, and holding the first Australian Digital Summit.

Vlasic moved from an executive role at Westpac to the DTA in 2017. He became the agency’s first permanent chief procurement officer. Prior to that, he held roles at Boston Consulting Group and the Australian Graduate School of Management.

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