Changing the headlines one car registration at a time

It took 12 reforms over 12 months to turn around the NT’s Motor Vehicle Registry, improving customer service and staff satisfaction. And the media got off its back.

The “far queue” to motorists needing vehicle inspections in the Top End was once a favourite subject for the nationally renowned headline writers at the NT News. But even the tabloid now admits things have improved — and the agency has an award to prove it.

The Chief Minister’s Excellence in the Public Service customer service gong for the Motor Vehicle Registry marked a dramatic 12-month turnaround. Its director Glenda Thornton was also recognised with a public service medal. “It has been truly a team effort,” Thornton told The Mandarin.

“We’ve got a good bunch here. Everybody has had to do their normal role as well as take on extra duties, and everyone’s been very accepting of it.”

Adam Giles and Glenda Thornton

Chief Minister Adam Giles and Glenda Thornton

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    You could improve efficiency even more by having only form of registration number plate and all in the same colour. A central registration office could easily coordinate this work.