Commonwealth digital procurement platform hits $1b milestone

By Shannon Jenkins

February 6, 2020

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Australian digital service providers have been encouraged to broadcast their expertise on the Commonwealth government’s digital procurement platform.

New statistics show that more than $1 billion in digital services contracts have been awarded through the Digital Transformation Agency’s Digital Marketplace.

The platform was launched in 2016 as a way to give businesses access to government contracts.

Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert said it has given small and medium enterprise (SMEs) opportunities to deal with all tiers of government.

“The Digital Marketplace platform has to date seen over 3000 opportunities lead to more than $1b in contracts, a doubling in total contracts since July 2019. I am particularly pleased Australia’s SMEs have secured 70% of these contracts to date, equating to more than $650 million,” he said.

“It is vital government leverages cutting-edge digital capabilities to deliver world-class services to our citizens, so my message to all digital service providers is get on the Digital Marketplace today.”

There are now 1800 registered buyers, and more than 2074 sellers, across multiple digital service categories. Since August 2016, the top category of opportunities posted is software engineering and development, followed by agile delivery and governance. There have been 3058 opportunities posted so far.

The seller to have been awarded the most contracts this financial year is recruitment company Hays, followed by IT recruitment agency IT International, and SME HiTech Group.

The marketplace has played a key role in the DTA-led ICT Procurement Transformation to make government open for business, encourage competition, drive innovation and reduce barriers in procurement.

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