WA announces new ‘student-centred’ education funding model

Western Australia has embarked on significant reform of its funding program for schools. The Education Minister announced more details today.

West Australian Education Minister Peter Collier has announced details of an education funding overhaul that will see public schools given greater budgetary autonomy and cash based on student numbers.

Under the current system, funding is based on inputs. “Public schools in Western Australia have been funded for many years through a staffing formula and special purpose payments which aim at equitable provision,” explained Professor Richard Teese, author of a review of the WA education funding system, in a YouTube video for the WA Department of Education last year.

The model “was designed for a different age, and it has reached the limits of its effectiveness. School principals describe it as complex, difficult to understand, inconsistent, and in practice not equitable”, stated Teese.

The reforms will see a fixed amount allocated to students by year level. Collier said in a statement:

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