NSW gender equity report: women outperform men at top

The march of women into the senior ranks of the NSW public service has stalled. New targets, KPIs and strong leadership are needed, commissioner Graeme Head has been advised.

Women at senior executive level in the New South Wales public service outperform their male counterparts, according to a new report on how to renew the push for gender equity in the upper echelons of the state government.

In the Advancing Women report, University of Sydney employment relations professor Marian Baird and private sector researchers Justine Eversson and Sarah Oxenbridge provide seven recommendations to the NSW Public Service Commission, which commissioned the study, along with practical suggestions for initiatives that would serve to implement them.

Women make up 32% of senior executives in the NSW public service but the figure has not moved much in the past five years and is unlikely to get much higher without “strategic interventions”, according to the researchers, who add:

“There is also no guarantee that the rates of women currently in senior positions in the NSW public sector will be sustained without active attention to the issue.”

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  • Emma Rossi

    Good read, Stephen, thank you! Public sector is a great place for women, but SES offers much room for improvement. Off to finance course I go – hi ho, hi ho.