ACT introduces fines for defying gathering restrictions

By Shannon Jenkins

April 1, 2020


Canberrans who don’t follow the latest restrictions on gatherings could be fined up to $8000 under a new direction from the chief health officer Dr Kerryn Coleman.

On Tuesday night the ACT government published a new public health direction which states that residents must not have more than two guests in their home at a time.

There are, however, several exceptions. The two-person rule doesn’t apply in the instance of receiving medical care, necessary care or support, essential repairs to the premises, or in emergency situations. Emergency services and law enforcement are also accepted.

Outdoor gatherings are also limited to two people at a time, except for weddings or funerals.

The limits also don’t apply to airports, public transport, supermarkets, and other places where more than two people is necessary for the operation of the business or facility.

Other state and territory governments began enforcing the federal government’s restrictions on gatherings on Monday, with Chief Minister Andrew Barr initially wanting to educate and warn the public before fining them.

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Currently, fines for non-complying individuals ranges from up to $11,000 in New South Wales, $1652 in Victoria, $1330 in Queensland, $1000 in Western Australia, and $16,800 in Tasmania.

The ACT currently has 84 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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