Operational plan: ACIAR sets agenda for foreign agriculture research

Agency outlines its approach to achieving Australia’s international aid and development goals of reducing poverty and lifting living standards via projects in Africa and Asia.

The Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research has published its Annual Operational Plan 2014-15.

The operational plan was developed in consultation with developing countries and Australian collaborators to produce realistic priorities for research partnerships, including annual deliverables towards the government’s aid policy and development objectives. ACIAR chief executive officer Nick Austin (pictured) states:

“Improvements in agricultural productivity actively contribute to the economic growth aspirations of our developing-country partners and Australia.

“ACIAR’s track record of collaborative research that enhances technology, sustainable productivity and market access for smallholders will continue to underpin the new initiatives and directions of the [Annual Operating Plan]. This includes a research emphasis on smallholder-based productivity improvements combined with enhanced market access and value chains, and socioeconomic and agricultural policy interventions. This approach, together with associated capacity-building provisions, represents a more systemic cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary system in ACIAR.

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