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eBook: Plan for the future with integrative development

Sponsored by Kiah Consulting

Much of our strategy, management and problem solving is based on exhaustive analysis. The problem is that planning for the future cannot be entirely based on the past — and doesn’t allow for much innovation. Design for the future calls for the integration of innovation, judgement and decision making.

Public sector consultants, Kiah, call this integration of social and analytical ‘Integrative Development (InD©)’. In this ebook they tell you how you can implement Integrative Development into your organisation’s strategic thinking, giving you a powerful technique to break deadlocks, stalemates and intransigence.

Topics covered include:

  • The challenge of today’s complex environment
  • Traditional algorithmic approach versus a design thinking heuristic approach
  • Design thinking
  • How your unique challenges can be approached with integrative development

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Kiah Consulting’s strength is in providing clarity around strategic options, developing executable plans and executing them. They are experts in critical thinking, articulation, persuasion, negotiation and influence to deliver operational and procurement excellence and project remediation.