‘I’m going to f-cking kill you’: Comcare staffer compo bid fails

A Comcare worker says she became depressed after a bollocking from her boss at a “respect and diversity” workshop. But her compensation bid has failed.

An employee of public service insurer Comcare who experienced post-traumatic stress and a “major” depressive episode has failed in her bid for additional compensation, after the Federal Court found she was only entitled to compensation from the date she sought medical treatment, not the date of the incident itself.

Karen Hutchinson, who has been off work since 2011, experienced mental illness after participating in a workplace “respect and diversity” workshop.

During the seminar, which included a role-playing exercise in which workers were asked to act out threats in the workplace, Hutchinson said her boss leaned over and told her: “I’m going to f-cking kill you.”

Hutchinson sought medical treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress in 2011, despite the seminar taking place in March 2010.

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