Coronavirus cases: active and recovered

By Juliette O'Brien

Friday May 1, 2020

^ Chart shows two things: the bigger picture of total ‘active’ cases (black), recoveries (yellow) and deaths (blue). Embedded within those are the daily announcements for new confirmed cases (purple) and reported recoveries (green). To get a clearer view of the smaller daily values, you can hover, tap or click on the circles below the chart to highlight or deselect categories.

When does an active case become a recovery?

In order to leave isolation, national guidelines say asymptomatic and mild cases must not have symptoms for at least 10 days since the first positive test sample was taken or onset of symptoms. States and territories apply these guidelines differently. For more details, as well as responses from health departments confirming their processes, please read the data notes.

This article is part of the COVID-19 in Australia infograms collection:

Cases: active and recovered

Cases: states and territories

Daily briefing

Data notes



Hospitalisations, ICUs, and ventilators

In focus: Victoria COVID-19 infograms

Overseas comparisons


Transmissions: national

Transmissions: states and territories

This data is curated from Juliette O’Brien’s website. Juliette is supported by Tanveer Bal, Ananth Selladoray, Robert de Graaf and Naveen Kaushik from OutputAI Labs. Collaborators: Anthony Little, Rahul Vashisth, Noel Mathews, Rashid Elhawli, Shruti Khunte, Shrey Sharma, Suraj Enumula.


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