Time to pivot on executive careers: why The Mandarin launched a careers platform

By Claire Sullivan

May 4, 2020


For decision-makers and senior executive hiring managers in government and the private sector, sourcing quality senior leaders for the public sector or public purpose work is riddled with limitations.

There is a plethora of capable and experienced trusted advisers, specialists, and retired senior executives, at the ready. Yet there is a mix of poor hiring practices that impact the workplace.

We hear it all the time: the talent flooding out of the public service should concern us all. That’s why we created the recently launched Mandarin Careers.

Funded by the Australian government, through the Australian Communications and Media Authority, under the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund, Mandarin Careers aims to offer new features and functions not met by current jobs and careers platforms.

As senior leaders navigate the volatile and complex environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as emerging leaders learn and adapt on the fly, there is a critical need right now to pivot on how we support executive career development, and better source and retain top talent.  

Mandarin Careers is a unique platform that has been designed to complement government hiring channels, through the lens of engaged public sector news readers, rather than active job seekers. Informed by exhaustive research and testing with our audience, search firms, senior executives in government and senior executive hiring managers, the platform has been designed to address inefficiencies, limitations and pain points identified with current hiring practices, and gaps in professional development resources. 

Who will benefit from ‘Mandarin Careers’ and what does this new platform offer?

We’ve built this platform to:

  • support the professional development needs of emerging and senior leaders, and 
  • support the needs of hiring managers to gain target reach to our audience 

It is a resource for talent pipelining, cost-effective support, and to fill critical skills gaps for engaged readers of The Mandarin and for government and private sector ‘senior executive’ hiring managers and search firms seeking to expand reach to a passive niche candidate base.

It’s also the new home for our People and Capability content. Here, readers can discover the news, information and advice directly related to careers pathways and professional development. 

The Mandarin was originally established to provide an online location for those at the coal face of modern bureaucracy to learn, discover and share their professional experiences of public purpose work. Our audience comes to The Mandarin, often daily, for journalism that equips them with up-to-date information, intelligence and insights to understand and contextualise their subjects.

With the launch of Mandarin Careers, it’s our intention to continue to grow as a sustainable publication in a turbulent environment. But more importantly, we seek, as always, to support senior public servants and the wide community interested in their work, and make their jobs easier. 

The future success of the publication as a whole rests squarely on our capacity to pivot and address challenges head on in what would appear to be an end to any kind of business as usual. We sincerely hope you will find Mandarin Careers valuable, and look forward to your feedback.

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