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eBook: How to optimise digital user experience for all Australians

Sponsored by Dynatrace

Software intelligence for simple, clear and fast public services in line with the Federal Government’s 2025 Vision.

Digital transformation is happening in almost every part of the public sector across Australia. AS the Whole of Government Digital Transformation Strategy sets out, 2025 Vision is all about improving the way citizens interact with their government departments.

Achieving the delivery of services through digital means and into the cloud at a standard hoped in the government’s 2025 Vision has become one of the great challenges the public sector has faced.

In this free ebook, by Dynatrace, find out, with real-life examples, how end-to-end observability of cloud deployments can give agencies the tools to be easy to deal with, be informed by the citizen, and be fit for the digital age – indeed, the three strategic priorities set out in the government’s 2025 vision.


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