Is a future without cash closer than we once thought?

By Chris Johnson

Tuesday June 2, 2020


Such has been the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, that some things are unlikely to ever be the same again. The coronavirus has changed the way we live and some of those changes have been quite profound. As we begin the transition to what we might loosely describe as business as usual, it is obvious that we are living a “new normal” experience. Some things have changed forever, while other adjustments are still to be made.

The Mandarin and our sister publications Crikey and SmartCompany – all mastheads of Private Media – have hypothesised about a future society where cash is no longer required or permitted. A cashless future could well be one very real outcome of the pandemic we are currently still coping with.

A cashless society holds far-reaching ramifications for the general public, the business community, and the public sector. For the rest of this week, The Mandarin will present feature articles from all three Private Media publications on what a future without cash could look like for Australia.

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This article is part of the Is the future cashless? series, available across The Mandarin, SmartCompany, and Crikey.


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Chris Johnson
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