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eBook: Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020

Sponsored by Oracle

Addressing security configurations amid a state of constant change.

Most organisations are in the process of taking the leap into digital transformation. The rapid adoption of cloud services, mobile applications and data analytics is helping everyone keep up with the unexpected surge in remote working.

The cultural shift to a reliance on the cloud has been astounding, though as progressive leaders move quickly to digitally transform their operations, effective security controls have all been too often treated as an afterthought.

The Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020 puts this untenable situation under the microscope, analysing cloud trends while asking the tough questions every enterprise should be asking. What are the ramifications of moving your critical operations to public clouds? Is cloud adoption outpacing cybersecurity readiness?

Are your organisation’s secrets exposed? How can your department or agency be impacted by a data breach? Is your department or agency open to cyberattack? And most importantly, what, culturally can you do to close the security gap?



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