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Webinar: Second generation cloud is a public sector game changer

Sponsored by Oracle

The explosion of data and how to deal with it has made the public sector push even faster into moving more of their work into the cloud – especially now, with formulating strategy in COVID-19 response. Indeed, getting good quality data in the fastest possible way is something that’s keeping public sector leaders awake at night.

New systems, based on the second generation cloud, to deal with governments’ response to the global pandemic have been built in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months or years. But this brings in new challenges of security, cross sector collaboration and cloud management.

In this free webinar, The Mandarin’s Julian Bajkowski speaks to Mitzi Higashidani, Strategic Account Adviser, Oracle Public Sector and Peter Williams, Healthcare Advisor, Oracle about their experiences of how cloud software is allowing agencies to respond quickly and securely.

Learn about the benefits of second generation cloud software including cost reduction, reliability and security. Hear how local and overseas agencies and institutions have used cloud technology to allow every stakeholder, not just the technical people in the organisation, to get the most out of their data and turn data into insights.


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