Social media management tips while on the job hunt

By Hannah Kingston

Thursday September 17, 2020


According to face2face recruitment, 90% of employers check a potential candidate’s social media before deciding whether they will progress to the interview stage of the recruiting process. Social media management isn’t just for marketing teams, it’s for you too.

Social media, whether you love or loathe it can be the difference between you getting the job or not, in more extreme instances, it may also be the difference between you keeping your job, or not.

While you are actively on a job hunt or you are comfortable within your job, there are some things to think about when it comes to how your own social media management represents your personal brand.

Here are a few social media management tips while on the job hunt:

  • Go on incognito mode and search for yourself
  • Do an audit on all of your social platforms
  • Audit your social media privacy settings
  • Don’t post while you’re on the clock
  • Don’t bad mouth your workplace
  • Do start a LinkedIn account if you haven’t already

Go on incognito mode and search for yourself

To begin your social media management journey, go into incognito mode and do a search of yourself. What comes up? Now is the time to honestly ask yourself, and err on the conservative side, would a recruiter or hiring manager like what they see, or is there risky content that needs to be dealt with?

Do an audit on all of your social platforms

Social media started to really take off in the early 2000s, with Myspace and Flickr being among the first platforms, Facebook and Twitter followed shortly after in 2006. Things may have drastically changed in the last 14 years for you, but posts that you published years ago still exist floating in the void.

Now is the time to cull anything that could damage your chances of getting that job, whether it be images of your crazy college years, a badly worded status that could be taken the wrong way or even a series of posts that include crass language or an angry tone.

Social media gives potential employers the opportunity to open a window into your world before they even meet you, to give them the best impression, you need to offer up the version of who you are today.

Audit your social media privacy settings

Unless you are a brand, an influencer or an aspiring public figure, there is no real reason why your social media profiles need to be on public. If you would rather stay on public most of the time but you are actively on a job hunt right now, it could be the right time to go on private, even temporarily.

Remember that when your social media profiles are on public, everyone and anyone has access to your accounts, not just recruiters. Adding an extra layer of security is always a good idea.

Don’t post while you’re on the clock

Some social platforms show the time as well as date on which you are posting. While some workplaces may have a laid back attitude to posting during working hours, and for others, it may be part of their job, it doesn’t look good if you are incessantly posting while on the clock in an industry that does not require you to have a social presence.

This is something to consider in your current workplace too. Would your manager be impressed if they took a quick glance at your Twitter profile?

Don’t bad mouth your workplace

Don’t under any circumstances, no matter how bad your day has been, bad mouth your current or former workplaces. There is nothing more unbecoming, and it will immediately put a hiring manager off giving you a shot at an interview.

If you are having a rough day at work, save it for private messages and do all the venting you need to with trusted peers.

Do start a LinkedIn account if you haven’t already

LinkedIn has been around since 2003 and is used worldwide. If you want to be able to network easily, and at the touch of a button, have the tools to research potential companies and stay in touch with your colleagues, LinkedIn is the platform you should be investing your time in.

Having a decent LinkedIn presence, that is regularly updated can showcase that you are personable and motivated to hiring managers. It’s also a tool that makes humble bragging (posting your achievements) very easy because everyone else is doing it.

Spend an hour on setting up a LinkedIn account and then set a monthly reminder to check in and update on it. It is the one social media platform where you can showcase your professional self and have more control over the impression you make in your industry.

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